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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  January 13, 2020 8:00am-9:00am PST

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off it really isn't resulted in visibility issues and tell you head up into the hills. >>with visibility holding pretty strong for the vast majority of the bay area right now so skies are dry we're going to stay this way through the afternoon your morning and evening commute, not too bad as far as weather goes if you are driving after your evening commute tonight though is when we can expect some showers well past sunset, dublin, you're still hanging out in the 30's much as the north bay is as well while berkeley oakland alameda, san francisco in the 40's right now later today expect 50's some mostly sunny skies and a pretty seasonable day robin all right, thank you john will head to south san jose we have a big trouble spot on one oh one it's an accident northbound at for now road. >>and it is blocking all lanes of traffic so chp has issued a special traffic alert ford traffic is squeezing by at the on ramp, so they are getting through but all of the lanes on the freeway are pretty much shut down with emergency crews on scene and the backup just
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continues to grow as i zoom out you also have to work your way through some slowing on the morgan hill side northbound one on one. johnson said martine up to cochran right here that's the usual and then here's your hot spot up ahead so 26 minutes and growing because of that crash blocking those lanes the bay bridge traffic is slow but it looks normal do expect a backup that stretches all the way through the maze all connectors are solid, but no problems on the upper deck james. >>all right. thank you very much rob and happening now we have a group of homeless mothers refusing to move out of a home that they've been in for a little while now in oakland, even though a judge ordered them to get out cover sarah stinson is live in front of the home and explains this controversy. sarah. >>well the crowd just continues to grow and grow outside the oakland home, the home where these mothers and their children have been living illegally for the last couple months these people said they're prepared to be arrested if that's what it comes to but for now they're just standing out here
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peacefully sort of shielding the house shielding the mothers from any police or anyone that would come here now we have been told from people here the organizers of that the sheriff's office has said that they if the window come out today peacefully the deputies will go violently inside tomorrow, not so we're hearing from organizers we haven't heard from the sheriff's office personally but as we've heard from this organization is movement rather was been called moms for they planned that on being here they said even though a judge ordered them to vacate the property this week, the mothers say housing should be a right and they deserve the opportunity to purchase this home they've been trying to work with the oakland community land trust that organization tried to work with the company who owns this magnolia street home wedgwood but what would deny their offer to buy this house and said much would has offered to pay catholic charities to
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shelter the moms their children for the next 2 months and move their belongings to a new location all of this after dominic walker one of those homeless moms who took over the vacant west oakland home made it clear they have no plans to move and they think that they the owners their offer is disingenuous should they said that they are pretend to care about us, but this is a way bigger issue and this is all in just in awe and despite of the alameda county superior court judge's order that found the moms have no valid claim obsession to the subject property and have 5 days to vacate this happened friday. so we're things are business days. so it's just monday now so have to see how this goes but as i said organizers say police were going to come in here by only tomorrow so all of these people is that they're prepared to stay in front of this house as long as it takes to protect them, let's take a listen to one woman she's from the bay area she said she's passionate about this and that's why she's standing in front of this home. this idea
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that housing is scarce city in the bay area is not absolute myth it's a myth across the country there's enough places for people to live. there's just not a willingness to house great folks rather these homes sit empty while people are suffering on the streets living in unbearable conditions and these mothers are reminding all of us this is absolutely an just because housing is a human right that everybody should have access to that so that's why i'm here today because they move each to action and i just couldn't sit sit down and just watch them on to call the blast. >>and i just talked to a retired teacher and he kind of said in a in a very clear way he said you know we're not all for anyone taking a vacant home that's owned by a grandma or your mom or sister, this is a home that is owned by a corporation and that's why he says these moms are bravely standing up to that corporation now the city council president rebecca kaplan we heard from her last hour she and city leaders the property to be sold to the
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oakland community trust land trust in the city wants to work with nonprofits like that to take over the vacant homes like this one to put those in need of housing inside them maybe this will helped the 4,000 people were homeless that's kind of what they want to do in the sand kaplan said that the budget that they passed back in june supports this initiative, so we'll have to see you know this is clearly a movement that's stemming from a greater issue and they're hoping that this gives this a voice hopefully that this will actually create some change but the biggest thing i just want to say is these people they're prepared to get arrested they're going to stay here and support the moms as long as the moms are here. for now live in oakland sarah stinson kron 4 news and we'll see what happens. thank you sarah. >>8 oh 5 is a time in a san francisco high school robotics team has to find some new equipment fast thieves stole their stuff $10,000 worth of equipment and they're just a couple of weeks away from a big competition burglars broke into a shed full of robotic equipment for the team out
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rossa us our school for the arts. and that included tools and computers that they need for their competition now they're trying to figure out how they're going to get back what's been lost. >>it stocks. it just sucks to have this money taken from us in these you know time wasted it's so difficult i try like c pass that try and see. >>how are we going to do things about these tools anymore. police do have a clue, they found blood at the scene and that might lead them to the burglars. happening today, 12 newly sworn officers will be on patrol at bart stations, this comes after a new report found the crime was on the rise. >>last year barred saw an 11% increase in overall crime compared to 2018 an a 4% increase in violent crime. 59% of that violent crime was related to the theft of electronic devices. in addition to the 12 officers will be 10 unarmed ambassadors also added to the force. the 12 that would put not on
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monday and now the ambassador program that's going to be 22 more bodies, 22 more eyes and ears that again increase our presence in the new safety in our system. >>you're gonna start seeing these 12 new officers today and then the 10 new ambassadors will be on the job starting next month. >>others are one step closer to a trip to the super bowl. yes, they are they'll be hosting the green bay packers for the nfc championship game at levi's and is all this comes after green bay beat seattle last night in the divisional round which a lot of folks. >>here they are cheering and want to see know me never want to see at cam ranh are out of it the packers got out to a 21 3 lead the first happened. and the seahawks russell wilson, they tried but that they rallied within 5 points. they couldn't pull it off. aaron rodgers sealed the victory for the packers with a few first downs late in the game, yeah, and so now the packers will be traveling to santa clara. >>again facing off against the niners next sunday and core kron four's will tran is already out there at levi stadium with a look at how people are looking forward to next sunday will.
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>>james you left your all the other hand you have a big head talking about how you call this all season that you called it saw the niners are ready for round 2 against the packers here all. because aaron rodgers take care of business. we're in the season. let's get right to the highlights or if you're roger because they came in on it. nationally televised game on sunday night. it was flexed into that position so the entire country can watch the game instead what they saw was upbeat down the niners. they won in a lab for 37 to 8 there was supposed to be just a heavyweight battle instead it was just a man among boys and this time around the niners actually have more help dee ford is back kwon alexander's backs of their heavy favorites as far as las vegas could is concerned they want the 37 day
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the first time and the reason why there is an nfc championship, the first one ever at the field the genes because they took care of business on saturday, the minnesota vikings. they came into town, yes there are underdogs but some people thought maybe they would win because this was jimmy g's first playoff game in for a lot of the players this it was there also their first playoff game so maybe the stage was simply too big for them that was not the case they want and laughter of the game so that sets up the nfc championships and even though the niners they've been killing teams. all season richard sherman in the game they believe they're still rodney dangerfield and they still not getting >>jimmy garoppolo played a fantastic game office kyle shanahan deserves it. you know he's a heck of a coach robert solow deserves it hightswer deserves it all our position coaches. a mardi leinart our team deserves it we work hard week in week out you know we
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try to put our put our best online. we don't always get the result we wanted but this team this team is the team's a family and we've been playing good football year keep in keeping good football on tape. >>and people keep toss around very good and we're going to play good football. i guess when you're 13 out. >>that us against the world mentality, even though they are considerably probably the best team in the nfl all season long the game on sunday will be at 3 30 in the afternoon. so by the time they take the field they will know who they will face in the super bowl should they beat the packers and daria. if the niners get to the super bowl and the chiefs, the chiefs already considered a favorite to beat the 9 or so another rodney dangerfield moment, not getting that joe montana he's already said that it will be the niners and the chiefs will super bowl 2 teams who he played for one time and is looking at that she's play
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yesterday that was crazy to come back it in yeah, there's a little reason to be afraid you have worry you have to agree will your kind of worried at the beginning when the. >>when believe was so big and the chiefs were behind by so much we thought there's no way they're coming back and then the home front backs crazy. >>now i put a facebook post about its over good night, good luck, kansas city chiefs all that post didn't age well yeah, thank you very much now, but changed it you can crow on a way to go out big. >>wrong the wall coverage of course we'll keep you posted on what happens leading up to sunday right here on kron 4 you can download our digital app are con service or visit our website at kron 4 dot com all right still ahead on the >>the shooting left the car covered in full of holes in san jose see those pictures tell you more about what have what happened coming up a
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missing boy found dead north of sacramento or have the tragic story and the reaction from some of those neighbors in a minute and communities in the philippines forced to evacuate after a volcano erupts filling the skies with smoke and ash will have the latest from that
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>>the homes were completely destroyed. and so that's why i'm saying it was very devastating storm very powerful storm. that these people are subjected to all
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the communities devastated. >>look at the damage flood waters tornadoes fallen trees and the storms claiming the lives of 9 people in the south and midwest now severe weather moving across alabama, louisiana, texas. and oklahoma and you can see just the trail of destruction. the cleanup continues this morning's some nasty winter weather in that part of the country we have our own with the with winter weather to deal with nothing easy or is this a we are going to brace ourselves for kind of like temperatures and rain we have seen in a while yeah, this will be the most significant storm we've seen in a few weeks at least because we've been pretty quiet lately. yeah of it, yeah it's going to come along with some strong winds some really chilly temperatures and some pretty significant rainfall to and associated with some king tides as well some high tides. this week. >>we're going to be looking at likely some standing water on roadways in some places. now berkeley just gets clearer and clearer that he looks a little misty because we do have some low clouds that are still hanging out in the berkeley
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hills writer of above the east bay, especially but overall it actually has been a pretty co-operative morning as far as weather goes we stay pretty dry roadways have been damper to to some of those low clouds and foggy spots so do take it slower as you do encounter some slick spots in a few areas, especially in the east bay this morning as for the still some light snowfall along 80 if you're traversing up that way watch for some slick conditions but not a sleek as it's about to be tonight as they'll see some new snowfall in the sierra and we've got a dose of rainfall moving into the bay mostly after 08:00pm this evening from 08:00pm until early morning hours of tomorrow on anticipating around 04:05am, is when we should see the showers really starting to work out here's 5.45 right here all we have left by that point is a just some light showers above san jose in the mountains skies are going clear quickly tomorrow but do expect wet roadways in the morning from our overnight showers. tonight's rainfall is going to be the lighter stuff, a 10th of an inch to a quarter of an inch expected stacked up
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next what we're about to see on thursday and thursday is the real storm that could cause some issues 50's for today's daytime highs regardless of if you're at the coast or further inland we're all going to be sharing those 50's pretty familiar territory really we've been hanging out in the same range of numbers for a while now be it a little cooler today much like yesterday, the air does have a chill to it as you're stepping outside even with the sunshine you want the jacket on maybe a sweater and just stay nice and cozy berkeley 55 degrees oakland, 56 north bay temperatures also in the mid 50's for your daytime highs today. looking ahead at your forecast it gets colder, especially towards thursday and friday these days barely even hitting the 50's for your daytime highs evening lows will be dropping well down into the 30's and that's even with the cloud cover and rain that we have so this is some cold rain coming our direction. wednesday night into thursday as the most significant of rainfall after that friday and saturday does look to be lighter and drying out just in time for the
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niners game on sunday. >>robert all right, thank you john heading back to san jose we have a trouble spot that is out of the way, but it's going to take some time for traffic to recover. this is northbound one oh one right after the 85 split we had a crash here that was blocking all lanes of traffic folks are squeezing by at the on ramp. so they've canceled alert all lanes are open. but traffic is still backed up beyond bailey, so northbound one oh one crawling from just south of bally all the way up to 85 as you're recovering from that accident as i zoom in you can see the heavy traffic there remember you can always dump off the freeway and bailey you can head over to monterey road that runs parallel to one oh one you can head over to santa rita excuse me santa teresa that's your other option if you don't want to stick with the traffic on one oh one just dump off and bailey and uses alternate what all lanes are open. here's your drive time you have this little pocket of slowing leaving morgan hill as well so 29 minutes for morgan hill to 85 where that crash is blocking checking in on one oh one if you're heading to the airport southbound we have a
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trouble spot south one oh one south of 3.80 it's an overturn accident not good for catching a flight or picking someone up 2 lanes blocked the car that flipped over is on the shoulder. we have lots of emergency crews on scene so you're back of south one oh one to south san francisco and then 2.80 is not a great alternate because it's jammed with a lot of commute traffic. so it's a great morning to maybe help on bart and head over to the airport the bay bridge traffic still slow jam from the maze and very quiet on the upper deck and i'll give you one more 80 west and carlson a new crash in your way so now you're 30 minutes from crockett to the maze daria thanks a lot robin 8. there was a tragedy in placer villain el dorado county an 11 year-old boy who was missing was found dead. and his death has the community on edge justin amash has more. a missing boy found but not how anyone wanted it's not right, evan, your kids die before we do.
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>>investigators say they discovered 11 year-old roman lopez's body saturday night at this time we're conducting investigation into his special steph possible boy went missing saturday morning sparking a massive search around his home, oklahoma street imposter ville neighbors tried to help the plant's real police came by. >>and the i helped him get access to the property behind us. we searched all the tree version stuff that are back on it near that could you know because the track you to you to london year-old boy the height of >>he says lopez's family moved in down the street a little over a month ago there are new to the neighborhood. >>sorry i have met him. >>crime scene investigators spent sunday coming through lopez's house and backyard, carting away evidence in hopes of figuring out what exactly happened to the 11 year-old police are releasing much information about this case they won't say where exactly they found the boy's body. north there was any apparent trauma at this time not be taking any questions that we thank you guys for
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>>neighbors are now hoping investigation can bring some answers and healing for the family. >>shores can be. we >>in plaster fell just come in chuck's 14 news. >>happening now nearly half a million people are evacuating after a volcano erupted in the philippines, the tall volcano erupted sunday afternoon filling the sky with smoke and ash you can see a video from ariel planes shows exactly that the international airport has suspended all activity the volcano, one of the country's most actives and considered among the world's most dangerous. the red cross in fact a step to now help with the evacuation efforts. california meanwhile is sending help to puerto rico after that island suffered another big blow for mother nature in just a matter of days a 5.9 magnitude quake hit last week damaging buildings and knocking out power for thousands of people and after shot from last tuesday killed a man and caused major
8:22 am
landslides 31 disaster specialist in fact from california will be staying in puerto rico now for over the next 2 weeks to help out with the recovery process. a 21. >>federal officials have may soon bill wildfire victims if pg any doesn't make good on a $4 million debt. pga owes the government that money is part of the utility's bankruptcy case. fema has asked for reimbursement from pg e to cover the costs from the government's response to the recent wildfires. if the utility doesn't pay up individual victims would be responsible if they get settlement funds that duplicate money already paid by the federal government. >>coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, the british royal family will be meeting today to discuss the future of prince harry and meghan markle within the house of windsor. they want to basically divorce themselves from the royal family. here's a quick live look outside we're also following traffic here locally the bay bridge toll plaza camera showing us traffic is a little slow getting through the gates robin winston will
8:23 am
have a full check for you and john travel with more on our weather forecast and the rain we're expecting this week in just a
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news and back to the slowdown leaving jose it's going to be slow north 1, 1, coming out of south san jose. we had an accident near the 85 split that had all lanes close there's a traffic alert in place for it's gone it's out of the way but traffic is
8:26 am
still recovering so if you use one oh one know that it's going to be stacked up beyond coyote creek golf drive that's how far back it stretches and you also have a little pocket here out of morgan hill approaching cochran so roughly 30 minutes as a recovering from that major accident morgan hill to san jose james all right. thank you very much rob and happening today, the british royal family is going to be meeting to discuss the future of prince harry and meghan markle within the house of windsor to discuss the royal bomb yeah, i mean the couple just dropped a buckingham palace they didn't ask ahead of time and they said. >>here's what we want to do we want to be i cover it yet like a modern modern royalty where we'd still kind of do duties but not full time we support ourselves. >>be financially independent what our charity that back right to choose how they feel and even only half of the time in the u k and so they never asked the queen so where does that she didn't take it well, but now they got to figure out how would this work because they still do live in a royal residence, uh i asked and they are considered among the
8:27 am
senior royals so this first in modern history that. >>you know the senior roles and decided they don't want to be part of and so now we got to figure so does that mean how do we go about basically. >>disentangle looking at them from the royal family, but how do you keep them and not keep him because remember this happen before to his great grand on call right who was king and said i'm gonna marry this american woman on a haircut and i'm putting it that way and so he just cut ties, you know they cut ties with him they would lead of the half in half out there, to raising interest so i see how we're going to see how this is going to work in. in when the what this did to to his mom and that is to me and he's always kind of wanted to be a regular all right we'll take a break a time as a 27 got a lot of new still to come to come on the kron 4 morning news, including a shooting that's under investigation in the ea
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>>the 30 right history woman to explain all here to talk about i went down to say >>all right, let's get a check weather and traffic here at the half hour mark at 8.30 problems talk about some issues on the roads last time we checked still out there so that particular one in san jose cleared but now an over turner sfo worst possible spot people have bites to cap so we'll check 1 one south ok i see i see flight delays in the future has there's rain on the back up there anyway even getting the sfo is tough.
8:31 am
>>but yes, rain is on the way so flight delays likely to be especially a thing come thursday friday and saturday so watch those days if you do have flights planned later this week as for right now skies are nice and clear we definitely and have had some low cloud cover which can interfere with flights, especially out of the east bay where you've been seeing some spots of those low clouds hanging out through the morning by the afternoon skies, nice and clear skies will remain sunny through the afternoon making for a beautiful one to step outside it's after sunset tonight. >>that we do see a few showers arriving, they'll be brief gone before your morning commute starts tomorrow for most areas. palo alto still in the 30's while most of us are hanging out in the 40's now 30 still in the north bay to berkeley oakland alameda, san mateo and san francisco all mid to upper 40's, currently and later today, some mid 50's with san jose at 58 degrees one of our warmer spots in the bay today. >>robin wright we have delays building up on highway one oh one southbound right after the
8:32 am
3.80 split at sfo. an accident here involving as many as 6 vehicles, some of them facing the wrong way the backup continues to grow and now chp has issued a traffic alert for southbound want to want so they're saying that you have 2 lanes closed at south 1, 1, right after 3.80 the 2 right lanes close once again a 6 car crash and here's the airport right here that's not going help your trip so if you do plan on heading over to sfo southbound your backup spilling into south san francisco. northbound you're backed up on 2 westbound 92 as you come off of the senate hail bridge heading north on one oh one going to be sitting in that traffic and then south to 80 is not a good alternate because look at it it stand out of south san francisco as well and that's typical commute traffic. so really the only thing you can do is maybe hop over to el camino hop on barred or just get out there really early because you're jammed up in all directions will check more trouble spots coming up james all right. thank you very much robert. >>justin senator cory booker
8:33 am
has dropped out of the presidential race booker made the announcement just moments ago since launching his campaign last february, senator booker struggled to raise the type of money required to support a white house bid me also failed to meet the polling requirements needed to participate in tomorrow's democratic debate in an e-mail to supporters he said that he quote got into this race to win and that his failure to make the debates prevented him from raising the money he needed to move forward in the east bay, one man was killed in a shooting what neighbors call a peaceful area of hayward the shooting happened yesterday morning on the osage avenue near has to drive. >>the man died at the scene and neighbors wash investigators blocked off that intersection for hours as they comb for evidence they consider the area generally safe. >>on the neighbor who is very >>i lived here for over 50 years and non nothing ever this the first time i see something like this happen very safe. he and very quiet.
8:34 am
we'll always alert when we hear anything. >>it is hayward's first homicide of the year. >>in the south bay highway patrol is investigating a shooting that left a car covered in bullet holes in san jose. it was a long 1 one in san jose that this happens chp says that a man and a woman were inside their car. heading southbound right near helier avenue when the gunman tried to pass it in fact almost hit them. but then slow down for the victims to catch up and that's when the person in that car lower their window and opened fire. the woman was injured from the broken glass, no description of the gunman or the car police are still investigating will let you know find out more. it's been. a fatal crash that claimed the lives of 2 teenagers and injured 4 others. it happened as they were leaving a football game at deer valley high school. it was a rainy night. when the suv they were in slammed into a tree on lone tree way an indian hill drive. police later ruled wet roads and speed were factors and now exactly one year later family
8:35 am
and friends gathered at that crash site to honor the 2 lives that were lost under the >>as a as a miracle buff just feel blessed that i my life our lives. >>i'm thinking about the other 2. that lost their lives j m. iranian to us. they can about their families. >>the other 2 survivors could make it to the vigil as for the 2 that were there one has since graduated from high school in the other is set to graduate this year. >>sonoma county's growing homeless crisis is on the mind residents and the board of supervisors, several proposals are out to tackle that problem on one of the ideas has the county buying 3 homes for the homeless to share. but many neighbors don't like that idea one name nathan lives next door to one of the 3 houses the county is thinking of buying for this share program and he's against the plan. meantime others supports the housing proposal. >>almost $6 million or 60 people. that is a go for that
8:36 am
over >>and we need to help you know because i know lot of that we keep the place you know clean and that's what we need we need to screen these people and bring him into this you know environment a good, you know, and it's wonderful. >>the board of supervisors is going to talk about the proposal at its next meeting which is on tuesday. >>one of san francisco's last all-girls catholic schools will close at the end of the year. the last day for school at mercy high school be june 1st until then classes and activities will continue as normal the school says that mursi's focus right now is on the students and its faculty and staff, the school added that it will also help transition current and prospective students to other schools. >>it's a 4 morning news, a case of the flu turn nearly fatal for this little girl and iowa. we'll tell you now she's dealing with a whole set of new problems and local leaders are working in the nation's
8:37 am
capital to try to limit how much your data can companies can collect and share and president trump's impeachment trial in the senate could start as early as this week after the break what house speaker nancy pelosi is accusing senate majority mitch mcconnell and also keep an eye on weather and traffic it looks nice and dry and sunny not much to speak of here at the richmond center fell bridge approach will be right back. ♪ stop dancing around the pain that keeps you up again, and again. advil pm silences pain, and you sleep the whole night.
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>>if ortiz a time in national news house speaker nancy pelosi is accusing senate majority leader mitch mcconnell of supporting a cover up yeah was on abc's this week program over the weekend. the pelosi talked about a resolution the madonna mcconnell signed. >>that would allow the dismissal of the obstruction of congress and abuse of power charges against president trump take a listen. >>he signed on thursday to a resolution to dismiss the case to dismiss dismissing is a cover up this missing is a cover up if they want to go that route again then senators who are thinking now about voting for witnesses or not that they will have to be
8:41 am
accountable for not having a fair trial. >>republicans don't have the votes to dismiss the articles out right pelosi has withheld the articles as congressional leadership. debate the shape of the trial procedures going forward, but in a letter to her caucus on friday. she said that she is now prepared to send those articles of impeachment to the senate this week. >>a 41 right now let's take a peek at sfo all nice and sunny, so that's good news if you have to travel today. but we'll tell you when the weather is going to change as delicious high-fiber raisin bran.
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>>the 43 in california lawmakers are pushing to pass new privacy laws to limit how tech companies can collect your data washington correspondent joe has more. >>in california and in washington lawmakers are working to limit when and how companies collect your personal data many people they just signed their user service agreements they don't realize what's often happening with their data congressman ro connor represents silicon valley, he's been pushing more usual privacy and companies like apple and facebook they understand and they want a strong privacy framework, the right to have the consent before collecting data on the right to know what's happening with your day that the new california state law allows users to request to see the data that companies collect on you and demand that they deleted and a measure here in congress goes even further it's about the ability of 3rd parties really to manipulate
8:45 am
people you need to limit the kind of information that can be collected lost friends online privacy act puts limits on what data companies collect allows users to opt out and create an entirely new agency to enforce those rules still figure out a way to make money given whatever the rules are. >>we need to make sure that the security of individuals are protected we're seeing a fracturing of the internet call say bo bice president of net choice as stricter rules on data collection could hurt online businesses and consumers there are going to be a lot of unintended consequences. >>people are going to see an increase in prices are fewer offerings however he says congress should act to make privacy laws, consistent nationwide in washington, i'm joe khaleel. >>all right, let's take a peek at traffic still tracking a trouble spot in front of the airport i pulled up a caltrans camera i want to show you what it's looking like on highway one o one not good. we have heavy traffic going south
8:46 am
which is on the right side that is your backup leading up to an overturned accident right in front of sfo. this is south one oh one at 3.80 in san bruno we have about 6 cars piled up in this. the 2 right lanes are closed a singular has been issued and that means you're going to be late for your flight or picking someone up if you don't get out there early so here's a crash right here there's the airport 2 lanes close a special alert and then you're back up is now spilling all the way to south san francisco and brisbane that's for south one oh one. northbound one a one nothing is blocked they have a view of it plus it was already quite slow. so northbound are backed up through san mateo and on to 92 and it's going to be tough getting off the san mateo bridge if you're thinking all just hop over to south to 88 take that instead not looking good you have to deal with commute traffic there as well so it's not a great alternate for one on one the bay bridge traffic 80 west still crawling from the maze this hasn't really improved much, i'm sorry to tell carpool lanes look good but paying cash in
8:47 am
fast tracking. quite slow. so yet still backed up, here's a rich up looks good. it's not all bad news return center fell a commute to the tolls it's over so 8 minutes pretty quick ride to make it from the pay gates out to one o one we don't have any other major hot spots just some moderate drive times and it's starting to calm down tasked a little bit the e sure just under 30 minutes 2421 minutes won a creek to the may stop well robin skies have been nice and calm throughout the morning at times we've seen some low lying cloud cover and a little bit of fog to this blocked out visibility in patches but as you're seeing right now from berkeley besides some cloud cover that persist to hang out in the hills, there is some sunlight reaching the city making for a beautiful start to the day and we're going to see a lot more sunshine ahead of us to. >>now through the course of the day today we will remain dry. but after the sun sets tonight and your evening commute winds down we do have some light shower activity that begins to push into the bay this is around 09:45pm tonight, a monday night you should be at home by this
8:48 am
point some lighter rainfall making its way in 12:30am tomorrow morning just after midnight, some of her most widespread showers showers spread further south after that in 2 years 3 o'clock hour and a once we make our way towards the bulk of your morning commute most of the rainfall with that do have left is sitting in the hills above san jose snow in the sierra that will make for a tricky drive up there if you do plan on heading that direction on into early morning hours of tomorrow, especially now besides the rainfall tonight we actually do have quite the sunny afternoon ahead of us mother nature's been working in our favor with the system's lately planting them right in the middle of your evenings and giving us still some sunshine during our afternoons. >>and that does continue today so we can i think mother nature for that at least one more time because as we make our way into the latter part of the week we're in for some chillier temperatures around the corner and some daytime rainfall. temperatures today as you're seeing on the screen there right around where we've been seeing them lately consistently the past few weeks, mid to upper 50's for your high temperatures santa
8:49 am
rosa and pedaling about each 56 for your highs today tomorrow temperatures not much different skies dry really quickly after some evening, rain tonight. evening showers do return on wednesday and some of our heaviest of rain can be expected wednesday night through thursday after that showers taper into friday and saturday and sunday for yet another 49 ers game looking nice and dry back to you. all right, here's a story and that around the country a 4 year-old girl from iowa. >>is recovering from a life threatening case of the flu. but the illness has left her blind for now doctors say it could be permanent we've got elizabeth cohen now with the story. >>chaidh to lucia my eye. >>that's >>the day before christmas this happy healthy 4 year-old little girl had to be life flighted to the children's hospital at the university of iowa, as her parents watched terrified, and he goes and syria. at that point.
8:50 am
>>their lead she even now jade had the flu, a strain called influenza b it's spreading quickly across the country which is highly unusual for this time of year. and experts say the most vulnerable to it. our children. in the pediatric intensive care unit jade was unresponsive a ventilator breathing for her. >>influenza b is activating her own immune system to started taking on on on and says specifically the brain and causing brain spending. >>today's jade's mom and dad didn't know what the future would bring. her doctors feared she might not make it. >>it just hurts and it it rips your heart out. because just want her to wake up. >>heavenly father asked us this morning throughout the day. they prefer hearing today. >>then finally after nearly 2 weeks page 8 jade woke it felt
8:51 am
like america and then her doctors noticed something funny enough for him. >>i jay can see we have the flu caused inflammation in her brain and she may be blind forever parents know james still has a long way to go in her recovery she do case. >>and they're standing by with the flu can do to a healthy child. elizabeth cohen, cnn reporting. the future of us troops to fighting isis in iraq is now uncertain the iraqi parliament voted to expel us troops. >>after the us killed iran's top commander even after president trump said that he. the immediate threat of armed escalation may be over this happens secretary of state mike pompeo has not confirmed whether or not the us would withdraw troops from iraq. >>we've been there to perform a training mission to help the iraqi security forces be successful and to continue the campaign against isis we are
8:52 am
happy to continue the conversation with the iraqis about what the right structure us 2 weeks ago it was iraqis in the streets that were protesting against iran trying to get their influence out of iraq and now those same protesters are turning against us including the iraqi parliament. >>at president trump's request. the state department has reportedly been working with nato to develop a plan for the middle east. >>up in the next hour hollywood announces the nominees for this year's oscar awards going to take a look at those nominations
8:53 am
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>>it 54 and trending this morning, a family missed out on some big money with one wrong answer on family feud, canada. yeah, the answer to the winning question was. >>pretty simple. but clearly not simple enough take a listen. >>wherever guess is this wins the game here we go. popeye's favorite. >>it will cost you saw on a second i thought about chicken too i mean yeah they've got to get how so certain he was so proud she had advance complete. but percent just oh my god, it's a constellation popeye's offered $10,000 the free food to her there you go
8:56 am
his popeye's chicken saying their spicy sandwich so calm i asked area and a happy ending always have to say i look at pop i'm a real miami right the real the next hour the florida. it happened when the playoffs look at live and levi's and a look at the matchups. >>and moms rousing are holding a rally this morning. they will get out of this house is not theirs. but we're time will tell you whether staking out. and a deadly shooting under investigation in east they will talk to neighbors in the next hour.
8:57 am
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9:00 am
you know it's going to take some time for the traffic to recover so we'll take a peek at one o c nominate a crash in rob's told you so because you always it get there 2 hours and i'm like ah. well weather isn't slowing down too much today. is more than we can say for later this week because we do have some heavy rainfall that's going to work its way or direction come wednesday night and thursday as for today, we do remain nice and dry we've been clear at the golden gate bridge all through the morning you had some spots of low lying cloud cover especially in the east bay, even even those are starting to lift now though so visibility is only going to improve you're going to clear bluer skies and another nice afternoon ahead before some summer light rainfall light to moderate rainfall after the sun goes down tonight shouldn't have a big impact on your drive home from work either. >>palo alto still hanging out in the upper 30's. well, the north bay right there with you have most of us are in the 40's. alameda hayward berkeley and


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